onsdag 19 augusti 2009

Different Angles foldable paper Screen: Act premiére at Designers Saturday, Norway

We have again been chosen to represent Möbelriket/Green Design at an international furniture fair. This time the event take place at Designers Saturday in Oslo, Norway. The event takes place at the Norvegian design center DogA.

From a basic sheet of paper, Different Angles is folded in opposite diagonal angles.  Fold by fold. A thin piece of paper can be transformed into a beautiful volume with subtle, yet dynamic shadows. Full sized screen can change an office space, shop or lounge. The screen folds up butifully into a thin and very light package. A sensible object for poetic environments where you can change the set. Again and again.

Different Angles can be ordered in three sizes; S (for windows), M (for desks etc), L (full size free standing or system integrated screens for dividing office spaces etc). 

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